Methodist Church delays vote on parking lot expansion to discuss plan with neighbors

Methodist Church delays vote on parking lot expansion to discuss plan with neighbors


Brentwood United Methodist Church decided to delay a vote on its plan to expand parking and build an addition during a Planning Commission meeting on Monday night.

A group of residents from the Meadow Lake subdivision came to the meeting because they were concerned that putting impermeable asphalt next to a creek that flows behind the church could cause it to overflow. The church plans to work with neighbors to develop a new plan.

Brentwood United Methodist Church presented the Planning Commission with a plan to add hundreds of parking spaces to the west of the church and to the south of Brentwood Medical Center. The plans also showed a 26,000-square-foot expansion on the northwest corner of the church building.

Brad Slayden, an engineer working on the project, said the church doesn’t plan to build the southern parking lot right away. The church plans to build the northern parking lot first.

Building an addition would cover up some existing parking spaces. In total, the church would add about 230 new spaces with the northern lot.

The plan shows that the parking lots would have culverts that allow the creek to flow underneath. City Engineer Steve Foster said he didn’t like that plan, but the church has a right to pursue that option.

Commissioner John Church wasn’t a fan of building asphalt parking lots either.

“That’s an awful lot of asphalt right there,” he said. “That creek floods right now without the asphalt. If you put more asphalt down and you’re not mitigating that flow … that would be a huge concern.”

Slayden said that the southern parking lot probably wouldn’t be an asphalt parking lot because of the flooding concerns.

After hearing several Meadow Lake residents protest the plan to add more parking lots Slayden asked the Planning Commission for more time to work with the neighborhood to develop an acceptable plan.

“We’re willing to talk and hear you guys out, as we are with the group behind us,” Slayden told the Planning Commission and the residents of Meadow Lake at the meeting. “I think there’s a lot of work to be done and we’re certainly here willing to do it.”

The Planning Commission didn’t vote on the plan.

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