Mignon’s boutique to close, owner says she’s ready to spend more time with family

Mignon’s boutique to close, owner says she’s ready to spend more time with family

By RACHAEL LONG / Photo by Rachael Long

Mignon’s & Urban Hillbilly boutique owner Melissa Grabois says it’s time to close the seven-year old store to focus on her family.

The store, which sits on the corner of Wilson’s Pike Circle and Church Street East, features boutique items such as jewelry, clothing and gifts. Its last day open will be Feb. 22.

Grabois has lived apart from her husband for the last 10 years. The Texas-native-turned-Brentwood-resident moved to Nashville with her daughter, Mignon Grabois, who followed a career as a singer/songwriter. Her husband stayed behind in Houston where he still works in the oil and gas industry.

“He’s been flying back and forth from Houston to Nashville on weekends,” Grabois said. “He doesn’t complain, but I’m sure after ten years, he’s probably tired of it.”

Now, she’s ready to be a more active participant in the time of huge transition happening in her family’s life. Grabois said her daughter is to be married in September, and there is much wedding planning to be done.

One of her sons will graduate from college in Texas this year and plans to move to California to pursue a career in film. Grabois says she wants to help him move. Another son works near Austin and one is soon to be a student at Ravenwood High School.

Another son, still, attends a performing arts high school in Houston. Grabois said she’s ready to see some of his many recitals, most of which she’s missed.

She also needs to be around her mother, who Grabois said is getting older.

“I just thought it was time to hang it up and hang out with my family,” Grabois said.

While Grabois turns the page on her time as a store owner, she’s more than ready for the next chapter.
And it sounds like those who may mourn the loss of the unique boutique experience won’t have to mourn long. Grabois said her longtime manager may just have her own plans for the space.

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