Mother and baby missing, Nolensville Police seek assistance

Mother and baby missing, Nolensville Police seek assistance


The Nolensville Police Department has issued a request for assistance in locating a missing mother and baby in the area.

The Department is seeking the whereabouts of Atosha Ann Warwick and her nine-month-old child Denver Peyton West, aka Denver Peyton Warwick. Neither have been seen since Sept. 22. Any information about where these two individuals are staying or how to locate them is being sought by law enforcement officials, who need to conduct a welfare check on the baby.

Atosha is a white female, about 5’5” with blonde hair and blue eyes, age 32. Denver is a nine month old white male with blue eyes.

If you have any information leading to their whereabouts please call the Nolensville Police Department at 615-776-6685 or at 615-776-3640.

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