Nashville children’s store, Magpies The Girls Shoppe, expands to downtown Franklin

Nashville children’s store, Magpies The Girls Shoppe, expands to downtown Franklin

Magpies The Girls Shoppe, located at 504 W. Main Street, recently opened for business // Photo by Brooke Wanser


Joining a trio of recently opened stores along West Main Street in downtown Franklin is Magpies The Girls Shoppe, a clothing shop for girls ages 6-14.

Maggie Tucker // Photo by Meagan Little Photography

Owner of the store, Maggie Tucker, 32, is a Franklin local. She attended Grassland Middle School, Franklin High School, and Belmont University before settling in Nashville with her husband.

Magpies, named after Tucker’s childhood nickname, opened in the space just north of fellow newbies Franklin Road Apparel and Habit just over a week ago.

Her original store, Magpies Children’s Shoppe, grew and expanded into a second shop for slightly older girls a few doors down in the Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Center.

After hearing mothers ask her to create something for their growing daughters, Tucker said she and her team sat down to discuss what they were like as tweens.

“We need to serve this generation of girl better than what we were served,” she said.

Meagan Little Photography

On a gray, dreary day walking into Magpies feels akin to stepping into a pastel-tinged daydream, full of bright accessories like donut pillows and sparkly water bottles.

Colorful, patterned clothing and more neutral toned items are available; Tucker said the average item is around $30.

Warm lights emanate throughout a store filled with encouraging mottos and signs.

“Hey girl, you are looking beautiful today,” one reads. “Who runs the world? Girls,” reads another, a riff from a popular Beyonce song.

The exterior of Magpies // Photo by Meagan Little Photography.

As a young girl, Tucker said she embraced herself without awareness of her pre-teenage awkwardness.

“I feel for this generation so much because of the impact of social media,” she said. “They’re being made so aware. We want, in this space, for them to be loved and celebrated exactly the way they are.”

Other than her apparent passion for children, Tucker said the guest experience is what sets Magpies apart. Guests might encounter jewelry making, braid bars and cookies on a busy day.

Tucker said her husband is one of her biggest cheerleaders.

“I’ve always felt a great weight of responsibility to him because he gave me the love and support to get this going,” she said.

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