Brentwood’s improved public protection rating goes into effect

Brentwood’s improved public protection rating goes into effect

Last fall, the City of Brentwood announced that the city’s Fire & Rescue Department had achieved a significant milestone.

The department had dramatically improved the public protection rating it receives from the Insurance Services Office, which advises insurance companies on relative risk. For more than 20 years the department had maintained a Class 4 ISO rating, but it improved to a Class 2 ISO rating after its latest review, and the rating is now in effect.

A Class 2 rating is the second highest offered by the ISO and places Brentwood Fire & Rescue in the top 3 percent of fire departments in the country.

That new rating officially went into effect on March 1. Here is a video about the rating change.

One of the main benefits of the the improved rating could be property insurance premium reductions for Brentwood residents and businesses.

On average nationwide, going from a Class 4 to a Class 2 ISO rating can mean a reduction of up to 10%.

Brentwood Fire Chief Brian Goss recommended that residents contact their insurance providers to verify potential savings.

“Let your insurance company know that Brentwood is now an ISO Class 2 community and it could make a notable difference,” Chief Goss said.

Some insurance companies, however, do not use ISO ratings for calculating premiums. Others use the ratings along with a number of other factors, such as the age of a home and the type of roof. The city advises that anyone interested should call their insurance providers to learn specifics.

According to the University of Tennessee’s Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), there are 875 ISO-classified communities in Tennessee.  Of those, only 29 have achieved an ISO Class 1 or Class 2 rating.  Of over 45,000 fire departments nationally, less than 3 percent are rated Class 2 or better.

You can find more information about the new ISO Class 2 rating and how scoring works on the city’s website.

To read more about the minimum criteria for Class 8 or better, log onto the ISO website.

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