New luxury hotel, spa, entertainment venue planned for Summit Hill just outside Brentwood

New luxury hotel, spa, entertainment venue planned for Summit Hill just outside Brentwood


A new luxury hotel, spa and entertainment venue could be coming soon to Brentwood’s doorstep.

The Brian Paul Hotel is planned for the undeveloped Summit Hill property located just southeast of the intersection of Interstate 65 and Old Hickory Boulevard. It sits right outside Brentwood’s northern city limits.

While the project will not be in Brentwood certain parts of the plan have caused some concern to city officials, who worry about how it might affect Brentwood residents.

Looking north from the area east of the proposed site toward downtown Nashville. Seven Springs is to the right. // MARK COOK

A news release sent out Thursday morning calls the development “the first of its kind for the Nashville market.” Besides the 171-room hotel, spa and 600-seat venue, the project will also feature penthouse condos, restaurants, retail establishments and private homes.

In addition, seven acres of the 20-acre development will be dedicated to parkland and walking trails. According to the news release, this part of the project will include “a dramatic center courtyard and grotto bar carved into the limestone.”

Brian Weissman is the lead developer of The Brian Paul Hotel project. He discussed the inspiration behind it in the news release.

“My brother Wade and I have spent our lives traveling the world and we’ve both fallen in love with Music City and its remarkable creative energy and authentic, hospitable vibe.” he said. “Nashville’s spirit has really inspired us to build our dream project right here in our backyard and bring a truly elevated experience to this market.”

For his part, Wade Weissman, who is designing the project, said he hopes to give The Brian Paul Hotel development a timeless quality. He would like for it to be inspired by both nature and historic buildings in Nashville. In his words, the buildings at the site will be “devoid of an expiration date.”

Besides Brian and Wade Weissman, The Brian Paul Hotel team consists of the current owners of the Summit Hill site, Advent Partners.

Advent Partners President Preston Adams said his company has spent years trying to figure out the right use for Summit Hill. He believes they have finally found it.

“We’ve considered a number of projects for this property over the years – mostly office towers or generic hotels,” Adams said. “Brian and his team blew us away with their vision and we wanted to be a part of it. It will truly be an iconic destination for our city.”

While The Brian Paul Hotel may end up becoming a major draw for Nashville, aspects of the current plan for the project are worrying to some Brentwood leaders.

“It’s not a utility issue for us because we would not be the water or sewer provider, but there is a traffic issue if there is a connection to Church Street,” City Manager Kirk Bednar said.

Bednar is referring to a feature of the project’s masterplan that shows an entrance to The Brian Paul Hotel from Summit View Drive. Summit View Drive, if followed south, intersects with Church Street within the Brentwood city limits.

An illustration showing a more detailed layout of The Brian Paul Hotel development, including the entrance out to Summit View Drive.

Therefore, if a connection is created between the project and Summit View Drive, it would essentially connect the project to the City of Brentwood.

This is not a popular idea with some Brentwood officials.

“I appreciate the creativity of the plan, but am not interested in connecting it to Church Street,” Mayor Jill Burgin said.

Vice Mayor Mark Gorman felt the same way, voicing some additional concerns about how the project could impact things like traffic within the city.

“We need to focus on balanced and responsible growth,” he said. “We cannot overrun our infrastructure. It will make our problems worse.”

Bednar said that city staff have requested a meeting with the developers to go over the plans for the project in more detail.

summit hill
Plans show Summit View Drive connecting to the project to Church Street. It is a private road, which also provides access to a Metro Nashville water tank. // MARK COOK

The Brian Paul Hotel already has the enthusiastic backing of members of Nashville’s tourism industry.

“This project is a unique, upscale development, that not only captures the city’s brand but further develops the hospitality industry in an area of Davidson County that deserves the enhancements,” Butch Spyridon, president of Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp, said in the news release.

The release draws special attention to the project’s music venue, which it says “will cater to a premium artist and fan experience, and will focus on artist residencies and intimate one-off engagements and collaborations for discerning fans.” The site will also house a recording studio, a screening room and other features intended to signal the project’s “embrace of Nashville’s creative community.”

The news release also touts the potential financial impact of the project. It estimates that the $320 million development will employ almost 500 full-time staff and bring in $25.1 million a year.

It is also estimated to generate $16 million in sales tax revenues for the state. It will bring in more than $9 million for Nashville and Davidson County.

Nashville Metro Council Member Robert Swope is fully on board with the project.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the development team over the last year, and I can confidently say that the Brian Paul is not only going to be a perfect fit for the 4th district, but a real game changer for the hospitality landscape in Nashville,” Swope said. “I couldn’t have created a more iconic development for Summit Hill in Brentwood if I had tried. I’m proud to totally support it.”

If the project gets all the necessary approval from the Metropolitan Government, it is expected to start construction in fall 2018. That would give it an opening date of either late 2020 or early 2021.

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A view of Summit Hill from Old Hickory Boulevard near the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 65. // LANDON WOODROOF

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