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Networking at the Nolensville Business Luncheon

Networking at the Nolensville Business Luncheon

PHOTO: Mickey Jones of Armstrong Relocation addresses his fellow businesspeople at the Nolensville Business Luncheon.


The local businesspeople each stood up from their seats at the round tables, took their turns at the microphone and introduced themselves and their businesses to the assembled crowd.

Some, like Kathy Burton, of Austin Funeral Services and Cremation, were there seeking referrals for clients. Her company, she said, was  “for families who don’t want the same old thing that Granny had.”

Others, like Bridget Mallek of Jon Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa, were there hoping to find employees for their new ventures.

“I need all staff except for the chiropractor,” she said. “If you know anybody send them my way.”

In one way or another, though, everyone at the Nolensville Business Luncheon at Providence Baptist Church on Thursday afternoon was there to meet and mingle with fellow members of the business community.

Williamson Inc. puts on these get-togethers quarterly in Nolensville. Often, the luncheons feature speakers giving presentations on a business-related topic, but Thursday was what Williamson Inc. employees referred to as a “leads exchange”—a way for attendees to throw business each other’s way.

Joe Marchesoni, of Comcast Middle Tennessee, chats with Shannon Brace, of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, at the luncheon.

The bulk of the meeting consisted of people giving their “elevator pitch” to the room, describing their business and the clients they seek.

“How many of you have your logo embroidered on your shirt?” Kelly Williamson, of local company Nesting Project, asked. After a bunch of hands shot up, she focused on the ones with their arms still at their sides.

“OK, the rest of you need me,” she said.

After everyone had introduced themselves, people walked around chatting and exchanging business cards.

Matt Ulman, of the Harmon Group, and JoAnn Goodman, of Melaleuca, mingle at the Nolensville Business Luncheon.

For some, it was their first time at the event while others were veterans of the scene.

Shelia Horvath, of HeavenlyTreats4U, a company that makes custom gift baskets for corporations and special occasions, was one of the first-timers.

Shelia Horvath, of HeavenlyTreats4U, bearing neatly packaged goodies.

“I was thrilled to know,” she said of first finding out about the event. “I had no idea there was anything like this.”

As soon as she learned of the luncheon, she was determined to attend the next meeting.

“We started our business in 2015, and we have just progressively grown, so I thought, You know what, it’s time to get out and meet some business members,” Horvath said.

George Zubulake owns Promotions By George. He said he gets to the Nolensville Business Luncheons as often as he is able to.

“I’m not a regular attendee, but whenever I’m not double-booked I try to come down here,” he said. “When this event was announced I quickly RSVP’ed.”

Zubulake has been a member of Williamson Inc. for a number of years and expressed gratitude to the organization for the positive impact it has had on his business.

“They’ve done well to help me with my business,” he said.

Zubulake said he had definitely benefited business-wise from attending the luncheons. On Thursday alone he had already met several potential new clients.

“I’ve had some people come up to me just two minutes ago saying they’d like to probably use my services some time in the short term,” he said.

The next Nolensville Business Luncheon is scheduled for July 18 at Providence Baptist Church, which is located at 1668 Sunset Road. Registration is available for the event here.

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