Planning Commission vote clears way for pet care facilities in additional zoning district

Planning Commission vote clears way for pet care facilities in additional zoning district


Sometimes a developer or business owner spots a piece of land in Brentwood that they want to use for a certain purpose, only to realize that the land is not zoned for that purpose.

In those cases, the city’s Planning Commission will consider a land use determination to decide if the proposed use is in keeping with “the character and intent” of the property’s zoning designation.

Monday night’s Planning Commission meeting provided a case in point.

Steve Lassiter is the owner and operator of Camp Bow Wow Nashville. Camp Bow Wow Nashville is a branch of a national chain of popular pet daycare, boarding and grooming facilities.

Lassiter wants to expand into Brentwood. He found a site on Mallory Lane in the Mallory Park development that he thought would be great for the new facility. The only problem is that the property is zoned C-3-Commercial Service-Warehousing.

This zoning designation allows a whole host of uses from hotels to restaurants to gas stations to doctors’ offices, but it does not explicitly allow pet care facilities.

As a result, Lassiter requested that the city make a land use determination to consider whether places like Camp Bow Wow would be appropriate for the site.

Commissioner Ken Travis expressed some reservations. His main concern was that the proposed 10,000-square-foot facility would be located across the railroad tracks from the Mooreland Estates subdivision.

“I think you’ve got a great franchise,” Travis told Lassiter. “I’m not knocking that. I just don’t feel this is the best lot.” 

Commissioner Brandon Oliver noted that a different, much larger pet care facility had previously been approved in the same area in 2014.

“We’ve already as a board set the precedent that in this type of zoning it can exist,” Oliver said.

Commissioner Janet Donahue worried about possible noise pollution from the facility. It is about 200 feet from the back of the property line to the Mooreland Estates subdivision.

“I don’t object to the use, I just object to the fact that you can’t predict the noise,” she said.

Lassiter said that Camp Bow Wow uses various methods, including sound baffles, to minimize the amount of noise that travels outside one of its facilities.

In the end, the Planning Commission voted 6 to 3 to approve the use for the C-3 zoning district. Lassiter will still have to come back to the commission for site plan approval if he moves forward with the project.

He said that a second Camp Bow Wow facility was needed to help share the load with the Nashville location.

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