New development on Wilson Pike Circle one item on Monday’s Planning Commission agenda

New development on Wilson Pike Circle one item on Monday’s Planning Commission agenda

Image: A design concept for a proposed new self-storage facility and adjacent office building on Wilson Pike Circle.


A proposed new four-story self-storage facility on Wilson Pike Circle is just one of the topics Brentwood’s Planning Commission will consider at its Monday meeting.

Other items on the agenda include a plan for a new mixed-use retail and residential building where the Gold Rush store currently stands on Franklin Road, as well as a makeover for the Brentwood House Shopping Center just off of Franklin Road.

City ordinances require that self-storage facilities can only go in areas zoned C-3 (Commercial Service Warehouse). The site in question, at 263 Wilson Pike Circle, is currently zoned C-2 (Commercial Retail).

The City Commission approved on first reading an ordinance to rezone this area to C-3 to allow for a new self-storage facility at its July 10 meeting.

The original request from the developer was to rezone both this address and the adjacent one at 255 Wilson Pike Circle.

“The City Commission felt that might be too much to zone C-3 so they asked the developer to reconsider the scope of the project and he agreed to just concentrate on this site right here” at 263 Wilson Pike Circle, Planning and Codes Director Jeff Dobson said at Thursday morning’s Planning Commission briefing.

The owners of the property, BBDB Investments LLC, plan to build an office building at the adjacent property, which was the former home of Bell & Association Construction.

At the July 10 City Commission meeting, applicant Darek Bell said a self-storage facility was chosen for this site because those facilities tend not to require a lot of parking or generate a lot of traffic.

Some commissioners spoke in favor of the plan at that meeting.

“Personally, I like the self-storage because of the number of trips,” Commissioner Ken Travis said. “I think Wilson Pike Circle is probably gonna develop more, and we can’t do much more with the roads there.”

Some concern was raised as well, though, about possible impacts to travel times in the vicinity.

At Thursday’s Planning Commission briefing, Dobson said certain special restrictions were being drafted for the development. Those include keeping the facility from being open 24 hours a day and prohibiting outside storage.

The rezoning request will still have to face a public hearing and be passed on second reading by the City Commission before it would go into effect.

Also on the agenda for Monday is a revised site plan for the property at 122 Franklin Road, which is the current location of the Gold Rush Store.

The revised plan calls for the construction of a 7,550 square foot mixed-use, two-story building on the site. The first floor would be used for retail space and the second would be residential.

The plan would also close off the entrance to this property from Franklin Road.

The city prohibited residential units in the Town Center, where this site is located, in March 2015. Dobson explained, though, that since initial approval was given for a mixed-use building on this site in February 2015, that residential uses would be permitted.

Practically just across the street from this property is the Brentwood House Shopping Center, home to such businesses as Baskin-Robbins, Bliss Yarns and the Wild Iris restaurant. Another item the Planning Commission will look at on Monday concerns a proposed redesign of much of the shopping center’s facade.

Proposed changes include new signage, new windows and the elimination of the center’s current mansard roofs. The Planning Commission will consider revised building elevations for this site.

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