Brentwood’s next Planning Commission meeting will take place this coming Monday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.

On the agenda are items the City Commission has previously approved on first reading. They include a proposal related to a possible future fire station site and a revision of city ordinance that would allow for a new trail to be built on the Maryland Farms Greenway.

The Planning Commission will also consider a site plan for a new medical office building to be constructed on a vacant lot on Westgate Circle.

New fire station site

On Aug. 28, the City Commission gave initial approval to a proposal from the developers of the Tuscany Hills subdivision. That proposal would transfer 3.13 acres of open space land in the development to the city to serve as the site of a new fire station. There are no immediate plans to build a fire station there, but Brentwood Fire & Rescue Chief Brian Goss has called for the construction of a new one in this southeast part of town at some point in the future due to increasing response times in the area.

The Planning Commission took the issue up at its Sept. 5 meeting, but ended up deferring the proposal after a number of Tuscany Hills residents expressed reservations about the plan. The commission did so to allow time for a meeting to be held between city staff and residents related to the proposal. The City Commission likewise deferred a second reading of the plan at its Sept. 11 meeting.

On Sept. 18, that community meeting was held. According to city documents, about 30 residents attended.

City staff is recommending approval of the proposal.

Maryland Farms Greenway Trail

The City Commission approved on first reading a rezoning ordinance related to the 20-acre Maryland Farms Greenway at its Sept. 11 meeting. The ordinance would remove certain restrictions put in place regarding permitted uses of the greenway when it was first acquired by the city in the 1990s.

At that time, as City Manager Kirk Bednar explained at the Sept. 11 meeting, the city did not have as much experience with trails near residential areas. Consequently, there were concerns about the safety and security of nearby residences. The city has a different view now.

“It hasn’t become a safety problem in those areas,” Bednar said. “It is an amenity that adds to the value of the property in those neighborhoods that have that connectivity.”

The ordinance the Planning Commission will look at on Monday amends several special restrictions put in place on the greenway. The new ordinance, for instance, would allow for limited tree removal to accommodate the construction of a trail. More fundamentally it would allow for the trail to be constructed in the first place, since trails are currently not permitted there.

The city has previously held two community meetings for nearby residents concerning the trail. According to city documents, most residents approved of the trail.

New medical office building

Heritage Medical Associates seeks to build a 61,604 square foot medical office building at the end of Westgate Circle, on what is currently a vacant lot.

“The proposed building materials include modular brick veneer, manufactured stone, composite metal panels, and glass,” the project description on the city’s website states.

Heritage Medical Associates has a number of offices in the greater Nashville area, including four in Franklin.

A traffic impact study was conducted for this project and found traffic impacts “will be manageable” if certain steps are taken. These include changing the traffic signal timings at Westgate Circle East at Moores Lane and ensuring the primary access to the building has one exit and one entrance lane where it connects to the development’s internal driveway.

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