Planning for Brentfest summer music festival moves forward, will use wristband system for alcohol sales

Planning for Brentfest summer music festival moves forward, will use wristband system for alcohol sales


In celebration of Brentwood’s 50th Anniversary, the city is holding it’s own summer music festival entitled Brentfest. Plans are still being made for the festival at Crockett Park including those surrounding alcohol.

The city hired Rhizome Productions to help with logistics and put the festival together. On Thursday morning, city leaders were shown Rhizome’s initial proposal for Brentfest logistics.

For security reasons, the city initially suggested having an enclosed beer garden area where alcohol could be sold and consumed. In some earlier discussions, city leaders shared concerns that allowing alcohol outside this area could lead to trouble.

But Sharp Emmons, of Rhizome Productions, thought differently.

“People certainly like to move around the grounds and enjoy their beverages. We want people to be able to approach the stage,” Emmons said. “In our experience, having people to have access to everything is the best way for them to enjoy our event.”

There will still be a closed beer garden area with both picnic and high tables, as well as a large main tent, according to Emmons’ presentation. Guests’ driver’s licenses will be checked at the beer garden, and those above legal drinking age will receive a wristband.

The wristbands, he assured city leaders, would be nice.

“They won’t be paper wristbands that are too tight cutting off your circulation,” Emmons said with a laugh. “The little things matter.”

A wristband system allows event staff to easily identify who should be drinking and who should not. Emmons said his team will work with local law enforcement and a security team to ensure the wristband system is working properly at the event.

“We have spoken with Brentwood Police…they are fine with whatever the plan is,” Community Relations Director Deanna Lambert said at a Thursday city informational meeting. “They just said, ‘Please let us know what the plan is and we can accommodate and work around that.’”

Emmons said “No alcohol beyond this point,” signs will be placed around the perimeter to keep attendees from consuming alcohol outside the event. He also said the company would obtain the appropriate beer license and other necessary paperwork.

City leaders who heard the new idea agreed that the wristband system was well planned. While no details were presented for official approval, city staff plans to move forward with the system with the commission’s blessing.

The event plans to feature 16 ounce cans for beer, as well as various breweries, ciders, seltzer water and more. Several food trucks will also be at the day-long event.

Savory trucks at the event will include: Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, Steaming Goat, The Grilled Cheeserie, Funk Seoul Brother, Smokin’ Buttz, Cousins Maine Lobster and Sucker Brunch. There will also be a handful of sweet food trucks, including Bradley’s Creamery, Tennessee Cobbler Co., Blue Monkey Shaved Ice and Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream.

A kid zone will be available on the baseball diamond behind the line of sweet food trucks and away from the main event area.

While the details are still in the planning stages, it seems the city is well on its way to making Brentfest an event to remember.

“We want the experience for everyone to be amazing,” Emmons said. “For people who are there, for the brewers who are sharing their beers with you, for the food trucks, for the entertainment.”

Brentfest is scheduled for Saturday, June 15 from 3 to 9 p.m. at Crockett Park. Visit the city’s website for more information about upcoming 50th Anniversary events.

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