Property Transfers, April 12, 2012

Property Transfers for 37027 as recorded in Williamson County

1500 Sugarwood Drive, Southern Woods, Brentwood, buyer: Timothy J. and Rachel L. Moore, seller: Karla Jane and E. William Gladstone, III, price: $240,000.

8342 Lochinver Park Lane, Montclair, Brentwood, buyer: David A. and Laura S. Karkau, seller: James T. Nichols, price: $721,000.

6207 River Court, River Oaks, Brentwood, buyer: City of Brentwood, seller: Martha Miers, price: $254,770.  Vacant.

8123 Devens Drive, Brenthaven, Brentwood, buyer: Sean H. and Michelle L. Kells, seller: Patrick Martin and Donna Brooks Harris, price: $359,000.

2208 Husker Court, Brookfield, Brentwood, buyer: John Charles and Jodi Lyn Theobald, seller: Thomas and Sheri Lewis, price: $465,000.

9516 Wicklow Road, Glenellen Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Rebecca G. Samuel, seller: Mullin Company, price: $599,000.

Old Smyrna Road, Annandale, Brentwood, buyer: Lorie and John Lytle, Jr., seller: Wolf Chase Development, price: $371,000.

345 Childe Harold’s Circle, Fountainbrooke, Brentwood, buyer: Michael and bonnie O’Shea, seller: Jeffrey and Josephine D. Collins, price: $560,000.

1517 Knox Valley Drive, Concord Chase Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Charles E. Atkinson, Jr. Co-Trust and Jean C. Atkinson Revocable Trust, seller: Richard J. Pilkington, price: $500,000.

1214 Beech Hill, Beech Tree, Brentwood, and buyer: Richard J. Pilkington and Mary Winn Gordon, seller: Charles E. Atkinson, Jr., price: $1,700,000.

5165 Remington Drive, Princeton Hills, Brentwood, buyer: John Mark and Christina Z. McDougal, seller: Carolyn D. Demarco, price: $799,000.

7036 Wikle Road W, Kings Crossing, Brentwood, buyer: Kenneth Ryan and Michelle Meadows, seller: Nimesh N. and Mina N. Patel, price: $545,000.

391 Jones Parkway, Annandale, Brentwood, buyer: J. Kevin Hyneman, seller: R. Scott Stewart, Jr. and Kim Stewart, price: $285,000.  Vacant.

5518 Heathrow Boulevard, Woodway, Brentwood, buyer: Ling and Aihua Bian Yu, seller: Tedd H. and Candace F. Anger, price: $702,500.

6107 Paddock Point, River Oaks, Brentwood, buyer: Elizabeth Edmonds Walker, seller: Tom and Janice E. Sowell, price: $446,000.

502 Childe Harold’s Lane, Fountainbrooke, Brentwood, buyer: Christopher S. and Jennifer B. Patterson, seller: Caroline M. Thomas and Mel E. Wiggins, price: $465,000.

9221 Cherokee Lane, Indian Park, Brentwood, buyer: Wynn A. and Bonita L. Lembright, seller: Scott R. and Laura A. Strickland, price: $520,000.

9404 Weymouth, Whetstone, Brentwood, buyer: Lawrence E. and Elizabeth A. Ohmer, seller: Pulte Homes, price: $532,278.

9711 Mountain Ash Court, Willowmet, Brentwood, buyer: Eric and Kabrina S. Rozine, seller: Jane Mulet Trust, price: $485,000.

8308 Alamo Road, Crockett Cove, Brentwood, buyer: Sitaram Ganeshan, seller: Floyd A. and Martha W. Childress, price: $459,500.

404 Childe Harold’s Lane, Fountainbrooke, Brentwood, buyer: Norfolk Homes of Nashville, seller: Tennessee Contractors, price: $130,000.  Vacant.

88 Governors Way, Governors Club, Brentwood, buyer: Bradford and Marilyn Mathis Bell, seller: Equity Trust Custodian and Equity Trust, price: $125,000.  Vacant.

706 Helmsdale Place N., Highland View, Brentwood, buyer: Nathaniel S. Smiley and Heather L. McDaniel, seller: Pier E. and Nancy L. De Jong, price: $520,000.

9400 Placid Court, Halcyon Estate at Whetstone, Brentwood, buyer: Pulte Homes, seller: D & B Development, price: $63,600.  Vacant.

1583 Glenellen Way, Glenellen, Brentwood, Angela L. and Cleodis Boys, Jr., seller: DAC Homebuilders, price: $624,800.

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