Property transfers, Dec. 4, 2012

Property Transfers for 37027 as recorded in Williamson County

1772 Stillwater Circle, Raintree Forest Square, Brentwood, buyer: Jeff M and Shelley F. Deveraux, seller: Julie and Paul Cummings, Jr., price: $520,000.

9601 Rittenberry Drive, Sonoma, Brentwood, buyer: Keith N. and Gina L. Sefton, seller: Maxwell G. and Mary L. Herrington, price: $635,350.

414 Dahlia Drive, Murray Estate, Brentwood, buyer: Brian Keith and Helen B. Sweeney, seller: James C. and Kelly T. Montague, price: $492,000.

414 Dahlia Drive, Murray Estate, Brentwood, buyer: Brian Keith and Helen B. Sweeney, seller: James C. and Kelly T. Montague, price: $492,000.

0 Arden Court, Arden Woods, Brentwood, buyer: Cyrus Kadkhodayan and Noushin Rahimi Deraimi, seller: Bill and Pauline Taaffe, price: $95,000.  Vacant.

5011 Country Club Court, Meadow Lake, Brentwood, buyer: Craig R. and Jana L. Mickey, seller: Back 2 Good LLC, price: $425,000.

9626 Deer Track Court, The Estate of Bonbrook, Brentwood, buyer: Douglas B. and Lynn H. Wheeler, seller: Danny G. and Tammy L. Bost, price: $700,000.

9642 Stanfield Road, Magnolia Vale, Brentwood, buyer: Michael D. and Sarah R. Anderson, seller: The Doodlum Trust, price: $265,000.  Vacant.

9100 Gasserway Court, Brentmeade Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Michael L. and Elizabeth H. Taylor, seller: Patricia Ann and Parker W. Thomas, Jr., price: $555,000.

1248 Bridgetson Park Drive, Bridgeton Park, Brentwood, buyer: Timothy Dwight and Nancy C. Waters, seller: Lance A. and Deborah Sullivan, price: $356,000.

1104 Arrowhead Drive, Indian Point, Brentwood, buyer: Kenneth Alan and Jennifer Hackett Maclean, seller: Cathy S. Davidson, price: $399,500.

2022 Sunnyside Drive, Sunny Side Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban development, seller: Rubin Lublin Serrano Sub Trustee, price: $417,528,

Cornet Lane, Berkley Walk, Brentwood, buyer: JW Homes, seller: John Wieland Homes, price: $7,100,682.  Vacant lots.

406 Childe Harold’s Lane, Fountainbrooke, Brentwood, buyer: Danielle and Victor Barnes, seller: Norfolk Homes of Nashville, price: $428,581.

7023 Willowick Drive, Willowick, Brentwood, buyer: Robert D. and Bethany B. Segrest, seller: James E. Santry, price: $505,700.

1652 Sunset Road, Sunset Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Brooke W. and Derek A. West, seller: Byron V. and Kelly D. Bus, price: $795,000.

1211 General MacArthur Drive, Concord Country Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Clinto Allen and Carmen Renee Snider, seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, price: $253,000.

9611 Portofino Drive, Tuscany Hills, Brentwood, buyer: James G. and Carey S. Buckley, seller: Fusion World Wide, price: $129,900.  Vacant.

Franklin Road, Brentwood South, Brentwood, buyer: Aaron R. Wimsatt, seller: Philip A. and Pamela T. Stephens, price: $150,000.

1533 Gesshe Court, Chestnut Springs, Brentwood, buyer: Charles and Patricia Hawkins, seller: Kenneth E. and Jane Ruehl, price: $285,000.

9778 Jupiter Forest Drive, Chestnut Springs, Brentwood, buyer: AH4R-TN II, seller: Mark A. and Sheila Cleveland, price: $284,000.

441 Beauchamp Circle, Avalon, Brentwood, buyer: Larry Cox, seller: L & H Trust, price: $450,000.

1009 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood, buyer: Ichun Lin, seller: Charles R. Reynolds, IV, price: $210,000.

416 Childe Harold’s Lane, Fountain Brooke, Brentwood, buyer: Mark and Nicki Haulman, seller: Norfolk Homes, price: $471,694.

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