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Property transfers, March 25, 2013

Property Transfers for 37027 as recorded in Williamson County

9501 Elmbrooke Boulevard, Elmbrooke, Brentwood, buyer: Christine L. Connolly, seller: Turnberry Homes, price: $930,857.

5117 Victoria Curve, Stonehenge, Brentwood, buyer: Lindsey and Cody Jarvis, seller: Anita Dorroll, price: $420,000.

1754 Tuscany Way, Tuscany Hills, Brentwood, buyer: Robert C. and Lynette M. Jahr, seller: Tuscany Properties, price: $750,000.

1754 Tuscany Way, Tuscany Hills, Brentwood, buyer: Robert C. and Lynette M. Jahr, seller: Tuscany Properties, price: $750,000.

Murray Lane, Ross Acres, Brentwood, buyer: Lance A. and Deann D. Herbert, seller: Tony L. and Janet M. Ross, price: $75,000.  Vacant.

835 Windstone Boulevard, Windstone Phase II, Brentwood, buyer: Michelle Elefante, seller: Wynstone Falls Partners, price: $299,900.  Vacant.

416 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, buyer: Anna and Tan Pham Tran, seller: Judith Lee Kinnamon and Stewart Allen Austin, price: $295,000.  Vacant.

Pinkerton Road, Hidden Creek, Brentwood, buyer: NVR Incorporated, seller: RH Hidden Creek, price: $290,800.  Vacant lots.

8104 Devens Drive, Brenthaven, Brentwood, buyer: Phillip W. and Karla W. Brooks, seller: Susan D. Diebolt, price: $469,500.

1644 Valle Verde Drive, Valle Verde, Brentwood, buyer: Nazim Sabzalli Jaffer and Rubina Nazim Jaffer, seller: Valle Verde, price: $195,000.  Vacant.

5 Cherub Court, Governors Club, Brentwood, buyer: Todd and Wendy Jackson, seller: Margaret M. and James Oliver Collignon, Sr., price: $125,000.  Vacant.

Colonel Winstead Drive, Governors Club, Brentwood, Christopher D. and Renay D. Holloway, seller: Grove Park Construction, price: $909,130.

9591 Brunswick Drive, Edenbrook Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Kenneth L. and Michelle Rideout, seller: Liberty Properties, price: $250,000.  Vacant.

5114 Cornwall Drive, Iroquois Estates, Brentwood, buyer: Kathryn Boyd and Houston G. Little, III, seller: Catherine H. Spence, price: $330,000.

1345 Jasmine Park Drive, Kings, Brentwood, buyer: Norfolk Homes of Nashville, seller: Billy and Tia Charles, price: $250,000.  Vacant.

9439 Gentlewind Drive, Raintree Forest Square, Brentwood, buyer: Ryan J. and Katherine A. Stark, seller: David L. and Chigger Bynum, price: $555,000.

1500 Aberdeen Drive, Somerset, Brentwood, buyer: Marisol and Daniel Macvicar Seda, seller: Luann and Dennis McDwan, price: $403,700.

1328 Lipscomb Drive, Brentwood Meadows, Brentwood, buyer: Trevor A. and Julie E. Cropp, seller: Matthew and Diana N. Dowdle, price: $385,000.

1808 Grey Pointe Drive, Inglehame Farms, Brentwood, buyer: Tracy and Sandra Cooper, seller: Marlin and Candace Foist, price: $604,500.

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