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Property Transfers, Oct. 18, 2011

Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood, buyer: Legend Homes, seller: Wolf Chase Development, price: $249,900.

1108 Arrowhead Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Kevin Lee and Seana Marie Whitehurst, seller: Jannie K. Whitehurst, price: $370,000.

9645 Brass Valley Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Courtney L. and Jeffrey D. Damon, seller: Chris and Layla Cochran, price: $449,500.

813 Chestnut Court, Brentwood, buyer: Brent and Laurie Byers, seller: Phillip J. and Theresa L. Pringle, price: $355,000.

813 Chestnut Court, Brentwood, buyer: Brent and Laurie Byers, seller: Phillip J. and Theresa L. Pringle, price: $355,000.

9443 Foothills Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Jay and Amy Wohlken, seller: Betty A. White, price: $450,312.

8232 Frontier Lane, Brentwood, buyer: Tyler T. and Lauren W. Meredith, seller: Lawrence Lindsley Davis, price: $392,000.

Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood, buyer: Grove Park Construction, seller: Wolf Chase Development, price: $313,000.

20 Tradition Lane, Brentwood, buyer: Christopher Y. Chun, seller: Vincent P. Young, Jr., price: $1,150,000.

1210 Concord Hunt Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Dandan and Dong LI Liu, seller: Neil and Heather Orne, price: $660,000.

9425 Weatherly Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Michael N. and Marcella B. Tedeen, seller: Mark and Suzanne Baird, price: $900,000.

9473 Highland Bend Court, Brentwood, buyer: Bahram Heidari, seller: Jack D. and Karen V. Hillis, price: $135,000.  Vacant.

1632 Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, buyer: Arun and Mythili Shastry, seller: Federal National Mortgage, price: $183,965.

6218 Milbrook Road, Brentwood, buyer: Robert D. and Kerry P. Ivy, seller: Gregory P. and Julie D. Davidson, price: $565,000.

859 Windstone Boulevard, Brentwood, buyer: Mike Ford Custom Builders, seller: Wynstone Falls Partners, price: $200,000.  Vacant.

1265 Wheatley Forest Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Balakrishina M. and Sridevi Movva Kollipara, seller: Rahul R. and Paurvi Bhatt, price: $305,000.

36 Governors Way, Brentwood, buyer: Stephen and Rhonda Williams, seller: Keith and Kimberly Schumacher, price: $2,700,000.

491 Olde Town Road, Brentwood, buyer: Meredith and Jack R. Dodson, III, seller: Atkinson Construction & Associates, price: $814,476.

1827 Stryker Place, Brentwood, buyer: Mauro Living Trust, seller: P & B LLC, price: $249,500.  Vacant.

1566 Glenellen Way, Brentwood, buyer: Joey D. and Karen D. Lanius, seller: Drees Premier Homes, price: $673,420.

1130 Waller Road, Brentwood, buyer: Mecheal and Merdanda Bedawy Faltas, seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, price: $95,000.

1201 Valley Drive, Brentwood, buyer: Jimmy and Bertha Church, seller: Debra Ann Snedaker, price: $625,000.

1612 Westgate Circle, Brentwood, buyer: Westgate 222 Partner LLC, seller: Lamoureux Properties, price: $265,000.



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