Property transfers, Sept. 30, 2013


Sept. 30, 2013

715 Thurrock Circle, Brentwood, Whetstone, Buyer: Adel and Azza Elmessiry, Seller: Pulte Home Mtg, $489,

1755 Stillwater Circle, Brentwood, Raintree Forest, Buyer: Andrew and Daniele Lafreniere; Seller: Susan Wohl, $553,500

704 Thurrock Circle, Brentwood, Whetstone; Buyer: Marilyn and Bradford Bell; Seller: Pulte Home Corp; $598,230.


1634 Vineland Drive, Brentwood, Mooreland Estates; Buyer: Bo Hu and Qingchao Qui, Seller: Lee Hamilton Tomberlaine, $238,000.

2035 Willowmet Lane, Brentwood, Willowmet; Buyer: Tony W Tadros and Victor W. Tadros, Seller: Robert Moody Jr., $532,500.

703 Thurrock Circle, Brentwood, Whetstone; Buyer: John W. and Jill Hales; Seller: Pulte Home Corp., $553,510.

1329 Red Oak Drive, Brentwood, Walnut Ridge; Buyer: Phyllis James Jacobs and Sanders Trust; Seller: Williams M. and Glenn Anne Liebe; $365,500.

233 Williamsburg Circle, Brentwood, Williamsburg Estates; Buyer: Andrea and Keith Glatzer, Seller: Richard and Melinda Kellams; $485,000.

9429 Waterfall Road, Brentwood, Raintree Forest; Buyer: Craig and Rebecca S. Eia; Seller: Francis and Sandra B. Bedard, $550,000.

1519 Chestnut Springs Road, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs; Buyer Pridhviraj Nandarapu; Seller: Tammy Maier; $315,000.

5233 Lysander Lane, Brentwood, McGavock Farms; Buyer: Piotr and Sandra S. Galaska; Seller, Sharanjit S. Augla; $1,063,000.

9472 Ashford Place, Brentwood; Buyer, Chenoweth: David F. Pierson III; Seller: Denis E. and Brenda F. Reilly; $670,000.

9749 Northfork Drive, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs, Buyer: Debra J. Isaacs; Seller: Husam and Claudine Ibrahim; $264,000.

9203 Apache Trail, Indian Point; Buyer: Richard Shay and Brooke Melissa Eskew; Seller: Marilyn Coles; $457,000.

514 Davis Drive, Smyrna Road Homes; Buyer: Casey R. and Lauren Hester; Seller Joyce A. Mayes Rev. Living Trust; $385,000.

1006 Crimson Clover Court, Courtside at Southern Woods; Buyer: Paul and Erin C. Moser; Seller: David and Susan Albert; $428,000.

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