As a 4th Generation Realtor in Brentwood, Garrett Beasley and Brentview Realty have seen and experienced all of the changes in the residential real estate market. “Our company is fortunate to be surrounded by experienced local agents who are very knowledgeable in the business and ready to adapt to changing market conditions” Garrett Beasley said. Andy Beasley is the founder of Brentview Realty and has been in the business for 48 years, all in Brentwood and the surrounding area. Andy recalls before I-65 existed in Brentwood and the town consisted of plantations and farms. “In the 1960’s, families flocked to Brentwood, and the quality of the schools and low-density zoning acted as the catalysts for buyer motivation” Andy said.

Garrett Beasley of Brentview Realty / Photo courtesy of Brentview Realty

2017 saw a lot of changes in Brentwood on the residential side. Garrett said, “With the emergence of retail and mixed-use developments coming into Brentwood, the city has become more of destination than a commuter town. There are many home owners trying to get closer to these areas for convenience.” The older neighborhoods that surround these areas have become well pursued by the consumer and large remodels and tear downs have been visible on much wider scale than previously seen in Brentwood.

New construction also did very well in 2017. Jarod Tanksley with Brentview Realty knows this very well since he represented the buyer in Witherspoon during the Parade of Homes. Tanksley explained, “As a Brentwood native it was exciting for me to have sold ‘The Parade Home’ in the 2017 Parade of Homes at Witherspoon. I’ve been licensed for 18 years and couldn’t be more excited about the real estate market and the direction which Brentwood and the surrounding areas are moving!”

Andy Beasley of Brentview Realty / Photo courtesy of Brentview Realty

As a company, Brentview Realty continued their niche of selling off market properties. “The demand is very high for Brentwood properties and during the busy selling season we experience multiple offers and homes selling over list price. If the consumer is viewing a property online, they are likely already too late. That is why it is important to use a Realtor who can find properties before anybody else can” Garrett said. Brentview Realty had 22 off market transactions in 2017. Another unique characteristic for Brentview Realty is their ability to represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction. Andy explained, “It takes a special understanding and diligence to reach a point of equity that is acceptable to the buyer and seller.” Brentview Realty set a new record in 2017 when Andy Beasley sold the same house for the 6th time.  Including all 11 licensed agents, Brentview Realty sold more than $70 million worth of homes in 2017 and several agents experienced career high sales. “If market condition remains similar then we expect 2018 to be very similar to last year” Garrett said.

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