Regional gang possibly to blame for Spring Hill car burglaries

Regional gang possibly to blame for Spring Hill car burglaries


Several times a week, the Spring Hill Police Department publishes a reminder—sometimes written in haiku form—about locking car doors at night.

The department responded to 22 burglary calls in January, slightly less than the same month last year.

Many of those calls this year were from people who had left valuables in their cars with the doors unlocked. In a few cases, burglars smashed car windows to get inside. The Spring Hill Police Department thinks a group named the Felony Lane Gang could be behind the thefts.

According to Public Information Officer Justin Whitwell, the Felony Lane Gang is a group of people that travel around the southeast stealing credit cards and IDs from cars sitting in parking lots. The group then generally pays a homeless person to go into a store to buy gift cards or withdraw cash.

“It’s such a big operation it’s hard to pinpoint one person that’s doing it,” he said. “If we make contact it’s usually the homeless person that’s hired.”

Whitwell said police in Arkansas had contacted the Spring Hill Police Department because they found someone trying to use a Spring Hill ID.

He said the best way to avoid waking up to a broken window and missing items is to remove valuable items from the car. Until more Spring Hill residents do so, the police department is happy to put out the occasional reminder. 

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