Residents urged to prepare ahead of uncertain weather forecast

Residents urged to prepare ahead of uncertain weather forecast

ABOVE: A tree that was downed in storms this past week in Williamson County. // SUBMITTED PHOTO


Williamson County Emergency Management Agency (WCEMA) urges residents to stay prepared and alert ahead of an uncertain evening and weekend forecast.

Earlier this week, Williamson County encountered severe weather that caused over 5,000 residents to lose power and over 25 roads to become blocked with debris. The total number of structures affected is unknown at this time. Damage reports are still being collected by WCEMA through their online survey:

Weekend Safety Concerns:

  • Trees and limbs should be treated as a hazard due to saturated soils and environmental instability. Even slight winds and rain could cause trees and limbs to fall. If possible, keep vehicles under a covering and remain vigilant when standing under trees.
  • Bring loose outdoor items inside your home or garage. Loose items can cause damage when carried by wind or rain.
  • Animals should be brought inside during severe weather conditions. Animal shelters and coverings could still flood or collapse under pressure.
  • Do not drive during severe weather conditions. Hazards like flying debris, low visibility, and flooding will be a concern.
  • Charge your phone and turn on your weather radio, if you have one.

Residents of Williamson County can sign-up for emergency alerts through the Williamson County Citizen Alert System:

For more information, follow WCEMA on Facebook or Twitter (@WCTNEMA).

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