Sale of Brentwood’s Donkey Farm is closing at the end of June

Sale of Brentwood’s Donkey Farm is closing at the end of June


After more than five years on the market, a developer has sold the Donkey Farm property on the corner of Concord Road and Wilson Pike. The sale will close on June 28.

Rick English, a Brentwood developer and real estate broker, was one of the former owners. He did not want to reveal who bought the property or what it would be used for before the sale closes at the end of the month.

English owned the property with J.D. Eatherly. They sold it at an auction in May. English has been involved with the property since 2001. The Home Page previously reported that a for sale sign went up on the property in 2012. 

English said he has received hundreds of phone calls about the property since putting up a for sale sign.

Even though the property is commonly called the Donkey Farm, English said that the property actually housed a mule named J.R. He said there were several other female donkeys on the farm too.

The property is currently zoned for residential development with at least two acre lots. English said there aren’t currently any plans to rezone it. The sign on the property says there is potential for rezoning. 

“They think it’s one of the most valuable pieces of property,” he said. “Besides Cal Turner’s farm there’s nothing that big around. It’s built out.”

In 2005, a company proposed changing the zoning to allow a new daycare facility. But the applicant withdrew the proposal before the City Commission voted on it.

In August 2010, the City Commission turned down a zoning request that would have allowed an assisted living facility with an Alzheimer’s care unit. 

English said that he had plans to put another $59 million Alzheimer’s care facility on the property, but that it never got enough support to go before the City Commission.

The land is across the street from the Concord Corner Store, one of the few commercial properties in that part of Brentwood.

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