Snow brings more business than Thanksgiving for Spring Hill grocery stores

Snow brings more business than Thanksgiving for Spring Hill grocery stores


Shoppers stocking up before the winter storm last night cleaned out the Spring Hill Food Lion’s supply of hamburger meat and bananas, as well as most of its potatoes.

By midday Friday, the store had mostly replenished its shelves, though the bread aisle still looked a slightly depleted.

Assistant store manager Kevin Sloan said the days leading up to a winter storm often bring in crowds of people who don’t want to run to the store when the roads are icy, but he said the store was prepared.

“We had some extra help come in so people wouldn’t have to stand in line,” he said.

Besides meat, bananas and potatoes he said the best selling items were bread and milk, but he couldn’t think of a recipe that combined the most popular foods sold before a storm.

“They’re just staple items that everyone eats,” he said.

According to store manager Jeremy Motley, the day before a storm is comparable to Thanksgiving for grocery stores. He said yesterday the store saw a 153 percent increase in sales compared to the same day last year.

Customers at Kroger on Port Royal road bought almost all of the store's bacon as the storm approached.
Customers at Kroger bought almost all the store’s bacon as the storm approached.

The Kroger on Port Royal road saw a similar bump in customers last night and into today. Store manager Walter Arms said the store’s dairy automatically sends extra milk when a storm is approaching because demand for milk usually goes up. Otherwise, he said the store likely would have run out of milk. 

Earlier this afternoon, Christy  Ozire, a hairstylist from Spring Hill, browsed the bacon selection at Kroger, but there weren’t many options. Most brands had already sold out, and Ozire had to choose between an expensive brand and turkey bacon. She chose the more expensive brand.

While she was disappointed in the bacon selection, she said she wasn’t too worried about getting food before the storm.

“I don’t get crazy,” she said. “I keep enough stocked up that we’re not going to starve to death.”

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