Special census underway in Nolensville

Special census underway in Nolensville


Nolensville is asking all of its residents to take a few minutes to go online and participate in the town’s latest special census drive.

The special census seeks to get an accurate count of Nolensville residents to ensure that the town gets its fair share of state funding. Municipalities receive certain state funding on a per capita basis.

Residents can fill out the census form here.

The last special census was held in 2015. That census tallied Nolensville’s population at 7,936. Town representatives and staff believe that the current population is considerably higher than that.

“It really is about getting the dollars we deserve because of the population…that we have,” Vice Mayor Jason Patrick said at the town’s October 5 Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. 

Town of Nolensville Finance Director said that Nolensville stands to receive an additional $94.25 for the town general fund and an extra $33.20 for the State Street Aid Fund per person registered in this special census.

If an extra 1,500 people are counted in this census that means $141,375 more in the general fund. 

At the October 5 BOMA meeting, the town entered into an agreement with Dempsey, Dilling & Associates, P.C. to conduct the special census at a cost not to exceed $35,000.

“The state originally gives you a state shared revenue based on the census you have,” Brad Dilling, Vice President at Dempsey, Dilling & Associaties, explained at that meeting. “If you just rely on the federal census every 10 years you’re missing additional dollars that the city gets because of the growth you’ve experienced.”

He said that municipalities are allowed to carry out 4 special census per decade.

“When a town is growing like you it behooves you to count as many people as you can,” Dilling said. 

Right now, Dilling said his company was concentrating on getting word out about the census through social media and the town website. The company has also put signs around town advertising the census.

Dilling said that the more people who sign up for the census in these early stages, the better. That is because later parts of the census process will include mailings and door to door visits to those who have not responded yet.

So far, the census has counted 2,555 Nolensville residents, Dilling said. That is not a bad start, but there is still a long way to go for the town to exceed its 2015 response total.

All census results are due to the state by March 1, 2018.

If you have any questions about the census, email census@nolensvilletn.gov.

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