Specially called WCS board work session will address rezoning redux

Specially called WCS board work session will address rezoning redux

Several parents — most from the Silver Stream subdivision — came out in February for one of the Williamson County Schools neighborhood meetings regarding rezoning plans for Mill Creek and Nolensville elementary school. // File photo by John McBryde


After going back to the drawing board to develop rezoning plans that will affect students at Nolensville and Mill Creek elementary schools, Williamson County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney and his staff will be unveiling those options before a specially called Board of Education work session today at 5:30 at the Williamson County Professional Development Center.

The redo became necessary after the first rezoning plan was voted down at the February school board meeting, and Looney said board members will have nine options to consider this time around.

“I will certainly be making a recommendation for which plan the staff and I think is the most appropriate, but it’s really a board decision,” Looney said.

The original plan called for the rezoning of more than 200 kids from the Silver Stream subdivision who attend Mill Creek Elementary to Nolensville Elementary next year. Residents of the neighborhood have expressed a strong kinship with Mill Creek, and of particular note is a paved trail that allows their children to walk and bike to school safely.

In fact, neighbors have created a website that stresses the important of walkability in determining schools and zoning.

“Because walkability is not one of the parameters that the board has agreed upon in the past to consider in evaluating rezoning proposals, we want to raise awareness of the importance of walkability,” said Rebecca Abel, a Silver Stream subdivision and mother of a third-grader at Mill Creek. “That was our intention with the website.”

Abel said that she and several other residents plan to attend tonight’s work session as well as a community meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Nolensville High School.


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