Stephens Valley subdivision begins work on roads

Stephens Valley subdivision begins work on roads


A new subdivision located in northern Williamson County has taken the next step in its development by requesting road approval from the county Highway Commission.

A new subdivision located in the northern part of the county has taken the next step in its development by requesting road approval from the county highway commission.

Located about a mile from the Loveless Cafe, the development, named Stephens Valley, will straddle Williamson/Davidson County line, though the vast majority of homes will be located in Williamson. The subdivision’s road network will feed into Sneed and Pasquo roads.

Because Stephens Valley will be built adjacent to the Natchez Trace Parkway, it has received a great deal of scrutiny and a fair amount of opposition due to its size.

Construction for infrastructure and utilities is planned to begin this summer. About a year after that, construction on houses will begin. Alan Thompson, from Ragan, Smith and Associates, predicts that between 50 and 75 houses will be built a year, over a 20 year build out.

The community will also feature 435 acres of open space. Thompson says there will be an emphasis on preservation and access by keeping the land open, green, and inclusive of the greater population.

The community seeks to appeal to people and families in all stages of life, though there does seem to be a particular emphasis on attracting empty-nest Boomers.

“Demographics are changing, people are living longer,” said John Rochford of Rochford Realty and Construction. He believes that houses with smaller yards but more community connectivity can help improve the quality of life of older residents.

There is also an assisted living facility within half a mile of the development.

“Because it’s a valley, we can create community without the challenges of topography,” he said.

Homes will probably cost in the low $400s to begin.

For residents with children, the neighborhood will be zoned for Grassland Elementary, Grassland Middle, and Franklin High School.

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