Summit softball honors two in Senior Night win over Ravenwood

Summit softball honors two in Senior Night win over Ravenwood


Summit softball honored two seniors Tuesday night (McKinsley Jackson and KK Woodside) in their last game on the home field, in part with a ceremony, in part with a 6-2 district victory over Ravenwood.

In the bottom of the 1st inning Woodside scored from second base off an RBI single from Carly Scott to open the scoring and give the Spartans a 1-0 lead.

In the third inning the scoring picked up again for the Spartans. With Jackson at third base for Summit, Woodside looked to bring her senior teammate in. She fittingly did just that with an RBI double to middlefield, 2-0 Spartans.

Then Carly Scott hit an RBI double to bring in Woodside to make it 3-0. Natalie Wesmeier came in as a replacement runner for Scott and scored of an RBI from Taylor Penning making it 4-0. Penning scored off an RBI single from LK Richards to extend the lead to 5-0.

In the fourth Summit stretched its lead with Mia Apple at second. Woodside hit her in to home plate with an RBI single. extending the lead to 6-0.

It remained 6-0 after 6 innings.

In the seventh, Camilla Wilbanks was hit in by an RBI triple from Avery Wissmar. It looked like it was going to sail over the fence but it fell just short hitting the right field fence. This made the score 6-1. Then Amelia Green grounded out but RBI’s in Wissmar making the game 6-2. And after the final out the game ended 6-2 for Summit.

For Summit Cheyenne Scott pitched the entire 7 innings, gave up 1 hit, 2 runs, had 3 errors, and recorded 4 strikeouts for the Spartans. She also threw 107 pitches recording 66 strikes. She also recorded 17 1st pitch strikes from 25 batters faced.

For Ravenwood Wissmar pitched the entire 6 innings. She gave up 8 hits, 6 runs, had 4 errors, but also recorded 4 strikeouts. She threw 112 pitches and recorded 67 strikes. She threw 20 1st pitch strikes from 31 batters faced. She also was effective at the plate as she had an RBI, scored a run and hit an amazing shot that looked like a sure home run but bounced off the fence.

Ravenwood Head Coach Allison Brown talked about her teams performance, “We played a great game. We didn’t come out swinging, and hitting the ball like I think we should have, but we didn’t let down.”

She went on to state, “that last inning we scored a couple of runs against the number one team in our district. I think we did a great job. I’m really proud of our outing today despite the poss. I think Avery pitched a great game, and she had an awesome hit there at the end. Our enthusiasm, and our communication was really good, which was what we’ve been working on.”

Summit’s head coach Jennifer Stevenson gave her thought’s on the game.

“It’s always good to get a win,” she said. “I’d like to see us hit more consistently. But we played great defense. Our pitcher, Cheyenne, gave up that one hit in the last inning, so I can’t be mad about it. I’d like us to be more consistent.”

Both seniors from Summit shared their thoughts on their last home game.

Woodside stated, “It was definitely emotional. I’ve had a great ride with these ladies. Their practically family to me, and to get to play with them has been amazing. We’ve fought so hard these last four years, and being at the top right now, we’re living it up and playing hard.”

Jackson shared, “It was great. I didn’t have my personal best game, but to see the team win was exciting and fun.”

For the Senior N1ight festivities, Jackson was escorted to the field by her parents Scottie and Kim Jackson. She will be attending the University of UT-Chattanooga in the fall.

Woodside was escorted to the field by her parents Travis and Kim Woodside. She will attend Lipscomb in the fall.

Photo from Summit softball’s Twitter. 

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