Tennessee teachers’ classroom supplies budget doubles

Tennessee teachers’ classroom supplies budget doubles


Over the last several months, Tennessee’s democratic and republican lawmakers have worked together to help ease the financial burden on the state’s public school teachers.

As the financial year comes to an end this week, that goal is becoming a reality.

Beginning July 1, the amount of money allotted to each public school teacher for instructional materials will double.

Currently, schools receive $200 for each kindergarten through 12th grade teacher they employ. Half of that money is given to teachers to use as they see fit. The other half is pooled together and used as a committee of teachers determines necessary.

Schools will begin receiving $400 per teacher. $200 will go directly to the educator and the remaining $200 will go to the pool.

The new policy is intended to help reduce the amount of out-of-pocket money teachers spend on classroom supplies. It will also ensure students have the materials they need to learn.

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