The A-Game Sportsplex auction is over, but did it sell?

The A-Game Sportsplex auction is over, but did it sell?


Though A-Game Sportsplex went up for auction last week, there is no information on who may have bought the property, if it did sell.

The 175,000 square-foot property, located at 215 Gothic Court in Franklin, had an opening bid set at 4.25 million on auction website Ten-X.

When the auction closed on Feb.14, the final appearing bid was $11.45 million. However, the auction’s reserve had not been hit.

One source suggested the website had an autopilot set to raise the bid $100,000 in timed increments.

Todd Prevost, a principal with Avison Young’s Nashville office who represented the property during the auction, declined to comment on the property’s final status.

The property’s history is complex. After shuttering in August of 2015, ice infrastructure was torn out in 2016 to make way for future office space, spearheaded by real estate company Al. Neyer.

The property was to evolve into a corporate campus with MARS Petcare as a tenant.

But according to nearby Franklin Fieldhouse owner Trigg Wilkes, the company pulled out due to legal entanglements with other sports clubs. Since May of 2017, the property has been on the market.

A tenuous relationship exists between Sports Land Group, the owner of A-Game, and renter Alliance Volleyball Club. The two entities fought a court battle over the sportsplex’s initial shuttering.

Jeff Wismer, the Alliance Volleyball Club director, said he had not been informed of a sale.

“We expect to be here for years to come,” he said. “It would appear there hadn’t been a bid. This is just one more storm that we’re weathering here.”

Ellie Westman Chin, the president and chief executive officer of the county’s convention and visitor’s bureau, has previously used the county’s viability as a youth sports destination for marketing.

A study was done after A-Game’s initial closure in August of 2015 through December of 2016 to see how much money the county was losing due to the sportsplex’s closure. Westman Chin said the county has lost out on approximately 17,000 hotel room nights.

As previously reported by the Home Page, the county sports authority lacks the funding to purchase the property, which would enable the region to capitalize upon the profitable youth sports craze.

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