The ‘Big Game’ gets really big as Franklin Theatre hosts Super Bowl viewing party

The ‘Big Game’ gets really big as Franklin Theatre hosts Super Bowl viewing party


Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Rams or you’re pulling for the New England Patriots, many would argue the best way to enjoy Super Bowl LIII is through a bigger-than-life experience.

That, conveniently enough, can be achieved by attending the Franklin Theatre’s “Big Game” viewing party Sunday evening as the Rams and Patriots face off to decide the NFL championship for the 2018 season. Attendees will be able to watch the Super Bowl on what is surely the largest screen in Franklin — from the game itself to the extravagant halftime show featuring Maroon 5 to the yearly run of the always popular Super Bowl commercials.

“There’s nothing like seeing it on a big screen like what we have at the Franklin Theatre,” said Becky Bauer, the theater’s marketing and community relations manager.

The Franklin Theatre has hosted a Super Bowl viewing party just about every year since the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County worked to reopen it in 2010. Bauer said attendees are more general fans of the Super Bowl and not necessarily diehard loyalists of either of the teams.

“It’s not a crazy bar scene or anything like that,” she said.

In fact, despite the fact the concession stand will sell beer and wine as it does at any movie or show there, the Big Game party is quite family-friendly.

“There are usually lots of families with kids, and we’ll have kids games and things for them to do,” Bauer said.

The game kicks off at 5:30, and doors to the theater open at 4:30. The concession stand will serve popcorn, sodas, candy, pizza and soft drinks, in addition to wine and beer.

Admission is free and there is general admission seating, but you’ll need to visit the Franklin Theatre website to order tickets in advance.

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