The bottom of the Williamson rezoning document: Plan B explained

The bottom of the Williamson rezoning document: Plan B explained


At the bottom of the Williamson County Schools rezoning documents sits one slide labeled Plan B.

This is what it looks like:

This plan would only become apart of the consideration in the event that the Williamson County Commission doesn’t approve master plans for Brentwood High and Brentwood Middle School.

In the next five years, at least 10,000 new students will flood into the district. During that time, Williamson County Schools will have to ask for $500 million in funding for school construction alone. The school board also approved a policy to allow up to a maximum of 2,200 students at its high schools. The upgrades in the proposed plan would allow for more students at Brentwood High School. It will also prolong the construction of a northwest high school. Right now, the school is at 108 percent capacity with this year’s enrollment figures.

Between both the middle and high school, the renovations will allow for 600 more students, 400 of whom will attend the high school.

Master plans for the campuses would mean a $17 million worth of upgrades.

If the County Commission were to say no in May, the district will have to consider what Superintendent Mike Looney has described as the mushroom plan. Students would have to move from Brentwood’s high school and middle school in both directions –– east and west. That would mean a transition to Nolensville, Fairview and Franklin clusters.

As Looney emphasized, this is a worse-case scenario.

The district is having to undergo rezoning because of three new school openings in 2018 –– one in Brentwood and two in Thompson’s Station.

Families can have their input on the plans during the month of April.

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