Three Gorgeous Ways to Wear Fall Colored Makeup

Three Gorgeous Ways to Wear Fall Colored Makeup


Just like the seasons change, so do our makeup routines. The colors, techniques and products that we use vary from season to season, which allows us to have lots of fun creating and experimenting with new looks! For fall, these are three of the easiest, most gorgeous makeup looks to try. Whether you’re heading out for date night, on your way to the office, or ready to rock at a concert, these looks are all versatile and beautiful.

One of my favorite eye makeup looks is the sunset technique. Using medium brown, rust orange and mustard yellow, you create a look that resembles a sunset, and it’s absolutely stunning! Shadows that have a golden shimmer are especially pretty, and you can incorporate dark red into the look as well. Pair with a less dramatic nude lip color to balance the look and give all the attention to your radiant sunset eyes.

Note: this look works best on women with warm coloring.

For a look that draws attention to your lips instead of your eyes, you can’t go wrong with a bold lip color. For fall, red is a great (and classic) choice. Depending on your skin tone and coloring, the shade of red you should choose may have more of a purplish hue to it.  To keep your makeup from overwhelming your face, stick to a basic eye color like gold (for warm coloring) or silver (for cool coloring) that contrasts with, instead of competes with, your bold lips.
Note: winter women are technically the only ones who should wear red lipstick. However, for seasonal events, this look can be worn as a way to glam up your makeup.
For the ultimate in dramatic fall makeup, a bold lip and smoky eye make a great team. Unlike a classic smoky eye look, you can create yours with fun fall colors like plum or green. Stick to rich red or purple hues for your lips. This look is best for an evening out, where high drama makeup is acceptable.
Note: this look is ideal for winter women, but can be altered using warm tones for other seasons.

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