United Way Williamson CEO says locals still would set local priorities after merger

United Way Williamson CEO says locals still would set local priorities after merger

The boards of United Way of Williamson County and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville voted last week to move forward with discussions/negotiations to merge the two organizations.

According to Pam Bryant, president and CEO of the Williamson County nonprofit, said that a merger would provide the best outcome for both groups, creating a regional impact yet still having local offices that address local needs in each community. If the talks are fruitful, the merger could become effective July 1, 2019.

“Brian Hassett has been CEO of UW Metropolitan Nashville for a year and I have had the opportunity to meet with Brian throughout the year,” Bryant said in a message to leaders of Williamson partner agencies. “We have developed a strong working relationship.  UWWC’s Executive Committee has also met with Brian and agreed that he has a genuine desire to serve the community.

“Several months ago, we approached Brian to begin a series of conversations about how our two organizations might come together to better serve our growing  community.”

The vote last week is the first step in deciding the terms of the merger.

“We do not anticipate any major changes to either organizations staffing, community impact work, or operations for the immediate future,” Bryant said. “What this means is that we will partner with our neighboring United Way to build a stronger network and will eventually operate our regional efforts together.”

United Way of Metropolitan Nashville already serves Cheatham County, and will begin serving Robertson County as well on Jan. 1.

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