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WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Go ahead Brentwood….ask

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?  Go ahead Brentwood….ask

Great community journalism begins with great questions.Sometimes they’re big questions – Which of our state legislators support the gas tax?  Who is building on that large land tract?

Sometimes they’re small –  What’s the deal with those road signs? How did Brentwood get its name?

But reporters don’t have a monopoly on curiosity.

That’s why we’re asking you to take part in our reader curiosity series called ‘What’s up with that?’ and we hope you will.

Brentwood Home Page wants to hear from our readers so that we can turn your questions into great stories you will love.  And we made it easy too.  Here’s how it goes….

First, submit a question below in our web form.  It can be anything you are wondering about Brentwood or the people who call Williamson County home.

Second, our reporter Landon Woodroof and editor Mark Cook will select the best questions, and we will answer those questions in the form of a story.  They may even ask you to join in the reporting process with questions for you and sometimes we may get the readers to vote on which question should be investigated.

We believe our readers and the citizens of Brentwood are our greatest resource.  Whether you’ve lived in the region all your life or you’re brand new to the area, your insights and observations are unique and they can help guide Landon toward stories that deserve to be told.

So Brentwood, what’s up?

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