WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Donkeys escape the Primm farm


Over the weekend, Brentwood Police responded to a rather unconventional call: a donkey escape from the Primm farm.

Over the weekend, Brentwood Police responded to a rather unconventional call: a donkey escape from the Primm farm.

On Sunday, Sept. 7, resident Erika Neumann, whose Alamo Road home abuts the Primm farm, said that morning her dog started loudly barking while outside.

“I looked out the window to see what was going on, and there were the donkeys coming.”

Neumann said as her dog started to approach the donkeys, the larger male in the pack stood its ground and scared her dog away. She quickly locked her dog in the garage and dialed the police.

While Neumann waited for police, neighbors started to gather to take photos of the donkeys casually grazing around the neighborhood. There were six escapees in total.

When the cops showed up, officers helped the guide the animals back to the Primm farm near the intersection of Moores Lane and Wilson Pike.

“Donkeys always go back home,” Neumann said. “So the officers would walk in front of them, and block their path when they were going the wrong way.

“It’s strange calling the police, however when asked, the Brentwood police say that you have to contact them as they do not want any accidents to occur by stray animals roaming into the road. But you can’t exactly list this as a crime report.”

Assist. Police Chief Tommy Walsh said the department will always recommend residents call in when they see a large domestic animal in the roadway.

“A vehicle striking such a large animal could result in a life threatening situation. Many times we have information on file to contact the owners to respond and remove the animal from the roadway.”

While police do not have any information on how the animals escaped, Neumann believes the donkeys either strolled up the Little Harpeth River or slipped through a break in the fence.

She said she had to go to church before the donkeys had been herded back to the farm, but when she returned, all the animals were back in their enclosure and workers were fixing the fence.

This is not the first time she’s looked out the window to find livestock mulling around her lawn. She said it’s happened “off and on” in the 11 years she’s lived at her home.

“It’s always interesting. We’ve seen cows and I even pulled out of my garage only to look in the rear view mirror to discover an angus bull in my yard only a couple of years ago. All the neighbors enjoy the animals, and Brentwood police are always so good about dealing with the situation.”

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