WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Street sweepers in Brentwood

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: Street sweepers in Brentwood

Today’s What’s Up With That? question came in a couple of different forms from a couple of different readers. It has to do with the process by which Brentwood’s streets are kept clean: I think we should have street sweepers for our neighborhoods. Is this possible for the city to provide street sweepers for us?

Another reader asked a similar question, but put the focus on biking: With all the avid road bikers in B’wood can we possibly get a “street sweeper” to keep the shoulders clear of debris?

First, the Brentwood Home Page set out to find if the city actually had any street sweepers. To do that, we checked in with the city’s Community Relations Director Deanna Lambert. 

We found out that although the city does not actually own any street sweepers itself, it hires an outside contractor to do street sweeping in the city.

Major roads in Brentwood like Franklin Road or Moores Lane are swept about once a month by this company.

“For us it’s just more cost effective to do it that way,” Lambert wrote.

A look at some of Brentwood’s recent annual budgets show that the city allots $30,000 annually for street sweeping services, although not all of that money is necessarily spent. A financial record for fiscal year 2016, for instance, shows that $25,621 of the budgeted amount was actually used.

Lambert said that TDOT was responsible for litter pickup on state roads within the city.

Other debris pickup is done by employees of the Public Works department. There is no set schedule for that pickup.

“When we receive a call from a citizen or dispatch we will go out and pick up the item(s),” Lambert wrote in an email. “The crews are also constantly looking while they are driving or while they are on a job, chipping, etc.”

The city also has an Adopt-a-mile program, where individuals or organizations can pick a mile of road in Brentwood and clean it of trash three times a year. People can get involved with that program by contacting Lambert at 615-371-0060 or by emailing her at deanna.lambert@brentwoodtn.gov. Public Works employees pick up the bags left by Adopt-a-mile participants.

For the sake of comparison, the Brentwood Home Page contacted officials in Franklin to see how that city handled street sweeping.

Communications Manager Milissa Reierson said the City of Franklin owns three street sweepers, which are out cleaning roads every day.

She said one sweeper handles major roads like Mallory Lane, Royal Oaks Boulevard and McEwen Drive. That sweeper gets to each of those roads about once every two weeks.

The other two sweepers are dedicated to cleaning roads in subdivisions throughout the city. Reierson said each subdivision is visited about once every two weeks by one of those street sweepers.

The way Brentwood takes care of street sweeping makes the most sense for the city currently, Lambert said, although that could possibly change in the future.

“For us, a contract service is best right now as we only sweep the most heavily traveled city streets,” she wrote. “As our city grows in population and demand is greater, our Public Works Department may explore the cost of operating and owning its own sweeper.  However, in addition to equipment, it also cost the city more money to hire employees to operate that equipment.”

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