WillCo Girls Basketball Awards: 2018-19 Season

WillCo Girls Basketball Awards: 2018-19 Season

Welcome to our first installment of our WillCo Basketball Award for the 2018-19 Season.

Our Player of the Year Finalists all embody the best of what Williamson County basketball can bring to the conversation.

Our Finalists:

Faith Wilken, Page
Grace Baird, Nolensville
Zharia Hutchinson, FRA
Anna Smith, GCA
Maggie Brown, BA
Sydney Ryan, Franklin
Jazmyn Harmon, Ravenwood
Kearstyn Seay, BGA

It’s a tough decision to make when deciding from this prolific group of county basketball stars. Ryan, Smith and Seay are both etching their history at Franklin, Grace Christian Academy and Battle Ground Academy as underclassmen, and will continue to get better as time goes on. All three are offensive powerhouses and should make everyone nervous on opposing squads for seasons to come.

Harmon, Baird, Brown, and Hutchinson are the dangerous juniors, all team-best players. Harmon is a scorching talent for the Lady Raptors, powering her team this season past a rough injury stretch back to the sub-state round of Class AAA basketball. She’s going to only get better as time goes on, and will be a star for UAB once she arrives for college in fall 2020.

Baird is the best player in Lady Knights history thus far, the driver of their offense and as natural a scorer as play in WillCo. Brown, the main on-court reason behind BA’s 2018-19 excellence, was a Miss Basketball finalist for the heavyweight D-II Class AA, and nearly won another state title last weekend with her Lady Eagles. Hutchinson is an underappreciated local talent who made the FRA Lady Panthers a tough out each night. She was also prone to go off for 30 on any given night.

But the best player in Williamson County was Faith Wilken this season, and that’s why she’s our WillCo Player of the Year.

The 2,000-point scorer for the Lady Patriots led the best team in school history, and powered her team to a region tournament berth. The team had a tough earlier-than-expected exit, but don’t let that eclipse what they accomplished.

Here’s what her future college coach at Trevecca had to say about her in a feature our Chip Cirillo about her career in January.

“(Faith) is extremely talented and I just believe the ceiling is still high for her,” Trevecca coach Chad Hibdon said. “I think that she’s developing her game. Her athleticism, strength and quickness can continue to improve and with that her production can even become greater.”

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In that same feature, her teammate, Delaney Noe, said this about Wilken’s play.

“She is amazing on defense,” Noe said. “She has the longest arms ever, so it’s really hard to throw over her. If you try to throw under her, she’ll just stick her foot out and kick it. She’s really good at creating her offense, getting open, driving, looking for open people.”

It was Wilken who forced overtime with Dickson Co. in the Region 6-AAA semifinals with a catch-your-breath three pointer right around the buzzer, a coin toss of a matchup that could’ve just as well gone to Page.

Wilken may just go down in history as the best to ever play basketball at Page in quite some time, and will be one of the school’s de-facto talents to ever grace the court. Her sister, Lili, will be continuing on the Wilken legacy once Faith heads to downtown Nashville to continue her career.

It’s Wilken who earns our WillCo Girls Basketball Player of the Year honor for all she’s accomplished during her time playing for the Lady Patriots.

Here are the rest of our awards.


  • Ravenwood’s Mariska Harris 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Page’s Ron Brock
  • GCA’s Tony McLeod 
  • Nolensville’s Chris Ladd
  • BA’s Rhonda Brown 


  • The Brentwood Academy Lady Eagles 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • The Page Lady Patriots 
  • The Grace Christian Academy Lady Lions
  • The Nolensville Lady Knights 
  • The Ravenwood Lady Raptors 


Brentwood High School

  • Emily Trushel
  • Delaney Trushel
  • Amelia Osgood

Brentwood Academy

  • Maggie Brown
  • Blair Schoenwald
  • Avery Kovick

Battle Ground Academy 

  • Kearstyn Seay
  • Kyah Keller
  • Ella Rose Gallimore

Centennial High School 

  • Sheraton Foster
  • Ashland Hardin

Christ Presbyterian Academy 

  • Carrington Washburn
  • Carley Smith
  • Avery Zapp
  • Libby Long

Franklin High School 

  • Sydney Ryan
  • Darcy Doran
  • Jillian King
  • Bergen Allee

Franklin Road Academy

  • Zharia Hutchinson
  • Ryan Pierce
  • Iris Heldman
  • Macie Medes

Fairview High School

  • Kelsey Gossage

Grace Christian Academy 

  • Anna Smith
  • Audrey Sanders
  • Anna Kate Bechman

Independence High School

  • Kayla Miller

Nolensville High School 

  • Grace Baird
  • Parker Leftwich
  • Zoe Pillar
  • Caymin Ladd
  • Sydney Mickulin

Page High School

  • Faith Wilken
  • Lili Wilken
  • Delaney Noe

Ravenwood High School

  • Jazmyn Harmon
  • Lexi Erickson
  • Mary Prestegaard
  • Savanna Dews
  • Taya Lee

Summit High School

  • Ellie Colson
  • Marli Anderson

Spring Hill High School 

  • Ricole Alderson

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