Williamson Business PAC endorses County Commission incumbents in 8 districts

Williamson Business PAC endorses County Commission incumbents in 8 districts

The Williamson Business PAC on Wednesday morning issued its endorsements in the May 2 County Primary Election.

All are incumbents,* starting with County Mayor Rogers Anderson, County Sheriff Jeff Long, and County Clerk Elaine Anderson.

In a letter announcing the endorsements, PAC Vice Chair Mark Cleveland called the people on the list sensible, practical and results-oriented leaders.

“These men and women demonstrate the right temperament and have the experience to best serve our growing county while preserving county resources,” Cleveland wrote.

The officially nonpartisan PAC, which formed out of the Williamson, Inc., county chamber of commerce but is now independent of the chamber, endorsed candidates in eight of the 12 voting districts:

Ricky Jones – District 1
Judy Herbert – District 2
Betsy Hester – District 2
Tommy Little – District 5
Beth Lothers – District 5
Paul Webb – District 6
Matt Williams – District 9
David Landrum – District 10
Brian Beathard – District 11
Dana Ausbrooks – District 12
Steve Smith – District 12

*Matt Williams is technically not an incumbent: he resigned from his District 10 County Commission seat in January after moving into the District 9 home of his late parents, who also both served on the County Commission.

Attorney Robbie Beal, who is a candidate for the District 10 seat, was appointed to replace Williams.

“Our leaders need to find the most efficient, proactive and responsible path to funding county roads, improve capacity in our courts and address the human needs of youth in the juvenile justice system, just to highlight some of the top concerns we must tackle next,” Cleveland wrote. “We recommend these candidates for their qualifications, experience, listening skills and active
leadership. The business community urges you to support and vote for them.”

In addition to County mayor, sheriff, clerk and commission races, the primary will choose candidates for Circuit and Juvenile Court Clerks, County Trustee, and Register of Deeds.

Petitions are due at noon on Thursday, Feb. 15.

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