Williamson County school board extends superintendent’s contract

Williamson County school board extends superintendent’s contract

By Matt Blois

The Williams on County Board of Education praised District Superintendent Mike Looney and extended his contract for another four years at its board meeting last night. That’s the longest contract for a superintendent allowed by state law, signaling the board’s confidence in Looney.

Board chair Gary Anderson said members of the board gave Looney a nearly perfect score of 4.6 out of 5 on his job performance evaluation.

After making a motion to extend the superintendent’s contract, board member Rick Wimberly added that Looney was the right person to deal with some of the challenges that come with running a growing school district. 

“I think that one of the reasons that I make this motion out of enthusiasm is I believe that we’ve got some significant challenges ahead of us … and we have probably unprecedented financial challenges in front of us,” he said. “In addition to the fact that he’s done a good job in his tenure here, I believe that he is up for the challenge.”

During the discussion period board members only had positive things to say about Looney, and voted unanimously to extend the contract.

In addition to extending Looney’s contract, the school board also approved a document that sets guidelines for how district employees should use social media and the internet. The board has to approve the document each year.

The document says employees should treat their professional social media accounts like a workplace, adhering to the same standards they would follow if they were in a physical workplace. It adds that personal social media use can cause disruption in the workplace, and if employees violate district policy on their social media accounts they could be investigated or disciplined. 

A video of the meeting is available through Williamson County Television’s YouTube channel.

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