Williamson median home price ticks up slightly in February

Williamson median home price ticks up slightly in February

The median sales price for one of the 304 homes that sold during February in Williamson County went up slightly from January to $479,446, according to data collected by the Williamson County Association of Realtors.

The January median sale price was $477,109.

The closest community to that median price is Franklin, where the February median price was $474,900 calculated from 131 closings.

While Arrington, which not only has its own winery but also has a Zip code, was at the top of the median sale price list for the month at $745,000, that reflects only one home sold after being on the market 81 days.

Brentwood remains consistently at the top of the median price, though College Grove is gaining. Brentwood’s median sale price was $689,900, after an average of 63 days on the market.

College Grove had 14 closings and a $605,900 median price, with 60 days on the market.

In the 300s were Spring Hill, at $358,862, and Fairview, at $339,900, both after spending just over a month on the market. They were slightly below the median for the 640 homes sold last month in Davidson County, $367,844.

The 26 homes sold in Thompson’s Station spent the fewest days on the market, an average of 27, and fetched a median price of $407,642.

The 38 homes sold in Nolensville fetched a median price of $519,174 after an average 32 days on the market.

According to WCAR statistics, days on the market for single-family, detached homes have remained steady in the upper 30s to lower 40s for the past five months.

The median price for the 22 condominiums sold in February was $281,000.

A median home price is the point at which half the homes sold cost more, and half cost less. It does not equal the average price, which can be thrown off by an exceptional sale price.


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