Williamson moving forward on Brentwood, Franklin campus remodels

Williamson moving forward on Brentwood, Franklin campus remodels

Starting this fall, Williamson County Schools will start the conversation with the community for redoing the Brentwood and Franklin campuses.

Superintendent Mike Looney unveiled the final concepts before the board on Thursday night for the phases for each of the campuses.

Here is what Looney has envisioned for completion in 2018 for both Brentwood High School and Brentwood Middle School. Ground would break in 2017.


Phase One for Brentwood: 

  • multi-story science center at 52,000 square feet
  • artificial turf on football field
  • increased parking
  • new road on Granny White Pike
  • add field house/concessions
  • relocate high school cafeteria
  • relocate high school administration
  • improve entrance

Phase Two for Brentwood:

  • replace existing Brentwood Middle School by 2027

Phase One would have a price tag between $15 to $18 million. By the time the district completes both phases, it will accommodate 600 more students.

Altogether, the board liked the plans and the concept of the science building that would become a hub for both schools.

In trying to make this school stand out, a science building seems to make this stand,” Looney said. “I think we could make a state of the art building that people would envy.”

Members also liked the concept of the exit road on Granny White, though some were worried about parking with the amount of athletic fields.

As for where Brentwood Middle will go, Looney said it was still a question mark. He didn’t feel comfortable shooting a figure of its projected costs.


Phase One for Franklin:

  • acquire Columbia State Community College and convert it into academic space – additional classrooms focused on CTE, speciality courses, ROTC, and student entrepreneur center
  • artificial turf on football field with an eight lane regulation track
  • new locker rooms, weight rooms and athletics offices
  • increased parking
  • improved entrance and parking in front of the building
  • administration remains neutral in long-term benefits in relation to acquiring Cheek Park

Collectively, board members said they liked the plan overall.

Converting the former Columbia State into classroom space gives Franklin High School the opportunity to shift around students while accommodating 400 more students. These renovations to Franklin High School could reach completion as soon as fall 2017. Costs are estimated between $15 to 18 million.

Looney said he was unclear where County Mayor Rogers Anderson would relocate the Williamson County Animal Center, which sits by Columbia State and is over capacity.

The next steps include the board giving Looney the nod to begin the initial design work with an architectural firm. They will hold informational feedback meetings for both campuses.

City officials will come into the discussions when the architectural firm is finishing up the design. The final piece, then, is securing the funding.

Starting immediately after, Looney wants to start looking at the Page High School community.

Rearranging the campus will mean a different process than Franklin or Brentwood, because of the campus’ capacity limitations.

“We are going to the begin the same process at the September board meeting, and as they finish these master plans up, we will shift,” Looney said. “The Page campuses are more complex. Under current conditions, we can’t add additional capacity at Page. It’s not a viable option because there is not sewer capacity. It’s going to be some improvements and additional property purchases for something new. That’s the only way we can plan success there.”

The community meetings will happen sometime in September with the district hoping to announce times next week.

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