Wine, liquor and beer delivered to your door

Wine, liquor and beer delivered to your door

Happy hour just got happier and easier. Delivery Dudes are now delivering spirits and brew from Moon Wine & Spirits to Franklin and Brentwood.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine or need a case or more of libations for your next party, you can click here and within 45 minutes have the goods at your door.

Delivery just got way more fun–order wine, beer or other spirits and have it delivered in under an hour–for five bucks. Image from Pinterest.

“We consider ourselves a delivery concierge service. We deliver dinner from upscale restaurants like Mere Bulles, but we also deliver wine and spirits,” says Guy Stank, owner of Delivery Dudes in Williamson County.

Simply order your spirits online and have cash or credit card (and over 21 ID) and the Dudes will make your life a tiny bit easier. (Do you really want to make a wine run at rush hour? We thought not.)

Because the Delivery Dudes pride themselves on timely and economical service, you can expect your order in less than an hour. And (shockingly) for a mere five bucks.

“If you pay cash, the delivery charge is $5, for credit or debit card, it runs $7,” says Stank

For a mere five bucks you can have your favorite chardonnay delivered right to your door.  Unless of course you really, really want to throw on sweats, drive to the store, buy the goods and schlep it home.

In which case we say, why?

Order your favorite libations here. Boom. You get a happy hour easy peasy.

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