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With hires, Nolensville Police are back up to 24-hour coverage

With hires, Nolensville Police are back up to 24-hour coverage

Photo: From left, Vice Mayor Jason Patrick, Alderman Tommy Dugger, Chief Roddy Parker, new members of the Nolensville Police Department Greg Moore, Cody Phillips and Christine Gillman, Mayor Jimmy Alexander, Alderman Brian Snyder


Three new police officers recently joined the Nolensville Police Department, further alleviating the department’s manpower shortage and making it possible for the department to resume 24/7 coverage for Nolensville residents.

As Nolensville Police Chief Roddy Parker explained, Nolensville residents have not been without protection. It is just that the police department was having to seek outside help to make that happen due to staff shortages.

“Our numbers were so low that we could not cover 24/7 protection and the Sheriff’s office was having to help us with that,” Parker said. 

That changed on Thursday, Jan. 11, after the three officers were introduced at Nolensville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

Two of those officers, Christine Gillman and Cody Phillips, joined the department in mid-December.

Gillman got her start policing in Hoonah, Alaska, but most recently served as an explosive detection K-9 handler for the Federal Reserve in Miami, Florida.

“She’s got about three years of experience and is bilingual, which has already been a great asset to us and will continue to be,” Parker said. We’re looking for great things from Christine. I know she’ll do a good job and be a good fit for the Town of Nolensville.”

Phillips comes to Nolensville from the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department.

“He was a training officer down there, very highly thought of by his sheriff,” Parker said. “I know he’ll do a tremendous job here, and we really look forward to great things and him doing a professional job I know he’s capable of.”

The third officer, Greg Moore, just started this past Monday. He, too, comes to Nolensville from the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked as Officer Phillips’ shift sergeant.

“So he comes with some supervisory experience and training officer experience, and he is a Marine,” Parker said. “We’re really glad to have Greg. We know he’s going to do a fine job for us.”

These three new additions to the police department bring the staff up to eight, including Chief Parker. That leaves three more officers to be hired before the department is fully staffed.

At the recent meeting where the officers were introduced, Nolensville aldermen also approved an interlocal agreement between the town and Williamson County. That agreement involves law enforcement assistance and joint training.

Parker said one of the main results of the agreement will be that Nolensville police can get training from Williamson County law enforcement on how to use mobile data terminals that the town is in the process of acquiring. These terminals are like mobile computers that officers can use to file reports and conduct background checks, among other things, while they are on patrol.

More generally, Parker said the agreement would allow the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office to aid Nolensville’s police department with a variety of needs that may arise.

“Of course, their resources and manpower dictates that,” he said. “The sheriff and I will work together on that and make sure that we’re not trying to be too demanding or too needy.”

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